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Types of Hosting Explained

There is a variety of hosting providers that offer a range of services and pricing schemes. It is important to know what kind of hosting you want before you buy it.

Shared hosting in Bahrain

Shared hosting is the most affordable option for getting your website online. Shared hosting in Bahrain has become more popular over the past few years. This is due to an increase in the number of startups and other businesses that are looking for affordable ways to get their websites online. You can easily find shared hosting plans that are priced at under 10 USD per month. Shared hosting is perfect for beginners who are just starting out on their own adventure with building a website because it doesn't require much technical knowledge to set up.

VPS hosting plans 

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server and it is a server that runs on software. A VPS basically uses the same hardware as a regular server but it divides the resources to provide an individual user with their own virtual machine. When you get a VPS, you can control all aspects of the virtual machine. VPS hosting provides the flexibility to experiment with new technologies. It has storage that is scalable, offering your business the ability to grow with your needs. A VPS hosting provider also offers continuous backups of your data, so there are no worries about downtime.

Dedicated servers in Bahrain

Dedicated servers are computers that are dedicated to a single purpose. For example, a server might be designed solely to run database management software or a Web server. Dedicated servers are the best option for hosting web-based software like e-commerce systems or databases. They can provide higher performance to your site due to the lack of other customers on the same server.

Dedicated servers can also offer much better uptime than shared hosting since there is no other website on the same server competing with yours for resources.

Cloud hosting 

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that has taken the web industry by storm. It's considerably less expensive, more reliable, and offers many benefits to both individuals and enterprises.

First of all, it’s considerably cheaper than traditional types of hosting. With cloud hosting you pay for only the services you need when you need them rather than paying for all-inclusive packages you might never use while still paying hefty setup fees.

Reseller hosting 

Reseller hosting is a service where a web hosting company allows other companies to use their servers in order to offer web hosting services. Reseller hosting is popular for many reasons. The main reason is that it creates more opportunities for companies to create revenue from their web hosting infrastructure which they have already invested in. Reseller hosting also provides the opportunity for resellers to offer a number of different packages and pricing schemes which can be attractive to customers who want something different from the standard offerings of the reseller's competitors.

Why hosting speed is so important?

The faster your website loads, the better the user experience. In 2018, Google introduced a new algorithm called "Speed Update" which lowered one's site's search results ranking if they aren't compliant with this new update.

Website speed is a major factor in SEO and it can affect your entire business. On average, a 1-second delay in loading time for a page causes a 20% reduction in traffic and leads to a 20% reduction in conversions. It also results in an average loss of $1 million per day due to missed conversion opportunities on websites that convert at 2%.

Therefore, hosting speed is something you should consider as it will greatly reduce your bounce rates and increase your conversion rate as well as visitor engagement.

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