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Average Load Time for TMDHosting for last 30 days is 21.72 s. Right now TMDHosting is ranked 12 in the world.

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TMDHosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2024

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of sites Price
Starter Package Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 1 $2.95 Details
Business Package Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.95 Details
Enterprise Package Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $7.95 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Price CPU RAM OS
Starter VPS 40 GB $19.97 2 x 1.80GHz 2 GB Details
The Original VPS 65 GB $29.97 2 x 2.40GHz 4 GB Details
Smart VPS 100 GB $39.97 4 x 2.40GHz 6 GB Details
E-Commerce VPS 150 GB $54.97 8 x 2.60GHz 8 GB Details
Super Powerful VPS 200 GB $64.97 6 x 3.00GHz 12 GB Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space Price CPU RAM OS
Starter DS 1 TB $79.97 4 x 2.80GHz 8 GB Details
The Original DS 2 TB $99.97 6 x 2.80GHz 8 GB Details
Smart DS 2 TB $124.97 8 x 2.80GHz 16 GB Details
Super Powerful DS 2 TB $149.97 8 x 2.80GHz 32 GB Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price CPU RAM
Starter Cloud Unlimited Unlimited $5.95 2 x 3.80GHz 2 GB Details
Business Cloud Unlimited Unlimited $6.95 4 x 3.80GHz 4 GB Details
Enterprise Cloud Unlimited Unlimited $9.95 6 x 3.80GHz 6 GB Details

TMDHosting reviews - 5

I've been with TDM hosting for over 2 years. Their customer staff has always been great and i never had problems. Two days ago I was helped in maybe 30 minutes (so very fast). I'd bought a new netbook and was having problems setting up email They help me solve my problem with no problem.

Good hosting company. Easy setup. Great prices. Great technical assistance. To be honest I selected these company on its pricing, which is usually risky. But i am glad that i choosed them. Their custom service is always ready to help. I had some problems getting my domain going and it was handle great by customer support, i was up and running in 15 min. The price is affordable, you get more than you pay in my opinion. The servers are really responsive. I speak by experiens. I tried more companies and tmd is very good. Not a computer guy, once I figured out how to use the features for our small website, it was easy. Easy panel.

Its a very good hosting company and I recommend it to every one with low on their budget. Good points: 1. Speed Servers - very fast! 2. Good Page speed score 3. Hpanel is good for begineers. I didnt have any problems. 4. Free daily backups for wordpress business plan. One downside: High Support Request time ( i think that they must improve that). Waiting time for live chat is very long. Althought customer service is nice and helpful and cooperative.

After lots of different companies I worked with I came to TMD two years ago. And i dont want to change! Almost everything is perfectly organized, accessible and working. The support is very fast and guys know their job very well. I got help within an hour with every question i had. Fast servers and no downtimes. Maybe you can find cheaper companies, but when you are looking for hosting never search for price . I think that only the support is what matters, and they are the best.

TMDHosting is a great hosting company. It's fast and does what it says it will, which is an important factor for business these days. I would recommend TMDHosting to any small-scale business that needs a reliable service, as well as to those who need a little more help from their hosting provider.

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Load Time

Currently, TMDHosting is 12 in our hosting provider's speed ranking. The average Load Time for TMDHosting for the last 30 days is 21.72 s. TMDHosting is also the fastest hosting provider in those countries: ##. Read more info.

Below you can find speed stats for TMDHosting for last 30 days

  • TTFB: 9621 ms
  • Load Time: 21.72 s
  • render: 22402 ms
  • Largest Contentful Paint: 18912 ms
  • First Contentful Paint: 15627 ms
  • Visual Complete: 22810 ms