Fastest Search Engines

Using the data from the ranking published by SimilarWeb and the Chrome UX Report tool, we have prepared a solution that analyzes Core Web Vitals for the biggest Search Engines. Our monitoring is based on the TOP 100 Search Engines like,,,,,, etc., and from among them, we select both the leaders and the websites with the weakest results. 

Fastest Search Engines Slowest Search engines

Search engine speed is the amount of time it takes for a user to find a given search query through a search engine. The more speed incorporated into the system, the quicker a user will be able to see what they are looking for. The speed of search engines has been on Google's mind for some time now, and there are many reasons this has become so important. One of these reasons is that mobile devices are becoming increasingly common in our society, and, as such, people turn to their phones when they need something quickly.

The second reason is that with increased competition between web developers and web engineers, websites have become much more dynamic to keep up with what consumers want.