SEO-Friendly Hosting: 6 Things to Look for in a Hosting Company

Websites are often referred to as the “face of your company”. The better they perform, the more people will want to visit them.

This is why hosting speed is so important. If you don’t optimize your website for speed, expect it to take its toll on your visitor numbers and conversions.

The faster your site loads, the higher its rankings will be in search engine listings and the more readers it will attract. This means you can expect more repeat visits from happy customers who won’t mind waiting a few seconds longer for content that they know is worth their time.

High Uptime Guarantee

The high hosting uptime guarantee is becoming a more and more important metric for website owners. Customers are demanding high availability from their providers, which usually results in a decrease of speed and performance. In the past, customers would accept a loss of speed for the sake of uptime. Nowadays, most customers care about both speed and uptime with no exceptions.

Many web hosting providers offer guarantees to ensure that their customers will have an uninterrupted service. The contract between the web host and customer is based on a certain amount of hours per month, usually 99.99%. If this threshold is not met by the provider, they need to refund the customer’s deposit or compensate them in any other way agreed upon in advance by both parties.

Hosting Server Location

Always make sure to locate your hosting server in the geographic region that will offer the best speed and performance.

The company should always consider where they want to host their servers when they are choosing a web hosting provider. They should pick a region that is close to their target audience and has an internet connection that can handle heavy traffic loads.

Think about CDN

When it comes to server location you should also think about a content delivery network. CDN is a system of servers that deliver web pages to end-users. CDNs are designed to serve requests for content with high availability and high performance.

CDN increases the speed of delivering websites by caching copies of your webpages, which are then delivered to end-users with less delay.

Speed of your hosting provider

The speed of a website is an important factor for both customers and search engine rankings. Hosting providers know this, which is why they have a number of different hosting packages available with different speeds to meet customers’ needs as well as Google’s requirements. The most common package for those looking for speed is shared hosting, but there are also VPS and dedicated servers available if you have a larger budget or need more power from your site.

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Responsive Support Team

Today’s customers want to be able to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently at any time of day or night. A company with a responsive support team will be able to provide this quality of service while also providing customer satisfaction.

Hosting Security

When it comes to hosting, security is a top priority. This is because most of the information that we store on our websites and servers is very personal and confidential.

Although there are many different ways that people can try to breach your security, such as hacking, phishing, and brute-force attacks, it's always best to take precautions. If you want to keep your business data safe from any unauthorized individuals, then you need to invest in a hosting service that has strong security features.

Hosting neighborhood

The bad hosting neighborhood is a phrase used in SEO to describe the situation when one website is hosted on the same server as websites of other websites that are already penalized by search engines. This phenomenon occurs when one site is hosted with another site on the same server.

This can happen for many reasons, but when it happens, it can be problematic for both sites. One site may be penalized because of the nature of its content or because it shares too much in common with other sites on its server. The secondary site will also be affected because its ranking will also decrease in search engine results pages (SERPs) due to being grouped with a penalized site in the SERPs - even if this secondary site doesn't share any content with that particular penalized site.


Website hosting is a critical part of SEO. The hosting determines the speed and stability of a website. If the site is too slow, it can negatively affect your SEO efforts.





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